Big Sean Says “IDFWU” Song Wasn’t a “Diss” to Ex Naya Rivera in New Interview

Big Sean told Vulture that he’s recently struggled with creativity issues due to having “so much anxiety.”

“It was destroying me, too. That type of mindset was destroying me, and I didn’t even know,” he expressed, adding, “Once the anxiety starts overflowing, it turns into depression and then you just…  that ain’t no way to be when you’re trying to make something. How are you going to attract something you’re not putting out there? You’re trying to listen to 92.3, but your station is on 105. You got to get on that frequency.”

He also referenced his tweet on July 21, in which he posted, “DONT PRETEND TO BE OKAY WHEN YOU’RE NOT!”

“Growing up, you had to be a man. You couldn’t be emotional all the time. That’s looked down on. My granddad was dry. He was an amazing granddad, but he just didn’t show that much emotion. He was a stone-cold military man. I don’t know what he was going through. He never talked about it,” Big Sean explained. “My dad was a little bit more expressive, but he has gone through a lot he never talked about.”

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