LOL! Dr. 90210 Patient Sings About His Sagging Breasts & Tummy

Terrence has lost the weight, now he wants to lose all his excess skin.

In this preview from Monday, Oct. 19’s all-new episode of Dr. 90210, patient Terrence has a consultation with Dr. Suzanne Quardt about his sagging breasts and stomach following major weight loss.

“All this skin gets in the way,” he tells Dr. Q before adding, “Every time I see myself in the mirror, I always sing a song.”

When Dr. Q asks which song, Terrence starts singing, “Do your titties hang low, do they wobble to your toe? Can you tie them in a knot…”

After a good laugh, Terrence asks the famed plastic surgeon to¬†“lift those puppies up so I can finally have a real man’s chest.”

But Terrence’s chest isn’t the only problem area. He also have a lot of extra stomach skin. “It’s just saggy and it’s hanging and it bothers me,” she shares. “I have a lot of streth marks all over my body.”

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