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Empowered by an Odds-Defying Win, Susan Collins is Ready to Deal

“My winning shows that a moderate can prevail in this highly polarized environment,” Ms. Collins said. “My victory in Maine


Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Choice on Whether to Enable Trump

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump has less opportunity to try to block certification than he does in Michigan and Wisconsin, where

Swing State Voters Look to the Future

“Across the country anxiety is growing …” “One the most contentious elections in history …” “… and pandemic that has

Business Leaders, Drawn Into Fray by Trump, May Step Back Under Biden

From the moment President Trump took office, big businesses were thrust into the culture wars like never before. In the

Election Polls Today: What They Reveal

A flood of heavily Democratic ballots has already streamed into election offices around the country during the weeks of early

Trump Merchandise Outsells Biden’s, China’s Factories Say

YIWU, China — Deep inside a 10-block-long factory outlet mall in China, the people who supply Americans with their plastic

How Trump’s Cash Crunch is Affecting the Campaign’s Final Weeks

President Trump’s campaign has far less money than advisers had once anticipated for the final stretch of the presidential election,

Alaska Is More Competitive, but Republicans Still Lead

The reliably Republican state of Alaska has soured on President Trump’s job performance, but Republicans still lead the state’s races